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What is e-sbtr ? how to get stamp paper online ?

What is e-sbtr ?

What is E-SBTR ? esbtr is nothing but “Electronic Secure Bank and Treasury Receipt”. This initiative of online submission of stamp is started by government of Maharashtra first in country. According to the sources, Stamp duty revenue of maharashtra is the second most revenue earning department in Maharashtra government. E-sbtr helps to minimize the two different ques for one purpose of buying Stamp paper.

For this customer who wants the stamp paper , can pay online in the bank or he can go to the Bank authorized by Gras system( Government Receipt Accounting System) and fill the form given by bank officer ,bank officer will receive the payment of Stamp and he will generate a slip forpayment having the G.R.N ( government reference number) on that slip ,this slip will act as an frank or estamp paper for the further reference.As a trial basis esbtr service is started at idbi bank only ,this bank can generate the e-sbtr slip for customer. This service started to minimize the day by day fake stamp papers or duplicate stamp papers in the state.



2 thoughts on “What is e-sbtr ? how to get stamp paper online ?

  1. SAPNA says:

    pls let me know what will be the next process after getting e-STBR from Bank , Whether we have to visit Joint Sub Registrar office ,Please suggest on this,


  2. murlidhar says:

    esbtr filled wrong deatail of proprty. than regester this document to rajistar , this document is vaild or not

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