Soon it will compulsory to link property tax with aadhaar card

Soon it will compulsory to link property tax with aadhaar card



As in 2012 and 2013 gov of India linked pension,scholarship,salary with aadhaar card. But now gov of Maharashtra has taken the first initiative to property tax and land record extract( saatbara Maharashtra legal document of land ownership) to link with aadhaar card.As a trial basis this initiative to link property tax with aadhaar number(UIDAI) data to serve as a business intelligence tool and define property ownership of an individual.These measures will help determine exactly whom the property belongs.On trial basis this will be started in Mulshi and wardha district of Maharashtra. Gov of Maharashtra on yesterdays meeting with the aadhaar regional authority talk about this matter , all municipal corporation of Mumbai,pune,Nagpur,kolhapur,akola,Amravati,chandrapur,aurangabad,solapur,latur will link property tax with aadhaar number.

link property tax with aadhaar number

This will mainly help the government to get data of the landless, quantum of landholding and actual size of land ownership. This means one aadhaar number will give whole information about the payment of property tax details,how much property does that individual have. As we know that aadhaar number is now compulsory for the people , during this fingure prints are taken , but this fingure printing had some difficulties in taking print of old age people ,for this difficulties and minimize this 1200 new aadhaar enrollment centres will be open in Maharashtra with in few days.


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