Lost Aadhaar card ?

TODAY ,we know important of aadhaar card and what are the benefits of aadhaar card .But  in this day today life we misplace the aadhaar card or we lost aadhaar card, UIDAI made it easy to retrieve the lost Aadhaar number.Moving forward, If you have lost or misplace your Aadhaar number, all you have to do is to contact UIDAI call centre by their toll-free no. 1800-300-1947 or 1800-180-1947. Most of the time the line is too busy to attend your call.

If even this doesn’t work then follow the below mentioned  steps to get duplicate aadhaar card , 

here is the procedure to get lost aadhaar card

lost aadhaar card or misplaced aadhaar card

  1. If you know your aadhaar number or if you have the xerox copy of aadhaar copy then it not so difficult to get the duplicate aadhaar card .It is very funny to hear I ,owner of meraadhaarcard has also lost my original aadhaar card ,I lost my lower part of aadhaar card ie  lost aadhaar card which has photo .Moving to the point ,first I have contacted the aadhaar new helpline number 1800-300-1947. Aadhaar customer care asked me about date of applications for aadhaar also the timing to registration , no need to panic if you don’t know just provide them the basic information about your date of birth or your full name with your complete address. Aadhaar customers care will told you to download e-aadhaar form their e-aadhaar.uidai.gov.in

2)  If you don’t have your aadhaar number, just go and search for aadhaar acknowledgement slip which has some basic information about time and date of aadhaar enrollment,here you no need to worry just go to the e-aadhaar website and provide the information for duplicate aadhaar card. After downloading e-aadhaar card ,one should validate the signature on e-aadhaar card .Detail tutorial how to validate the signature is given in our previous post.

3) Even if this does not work then you need to visit an Aadhar enrolment centre to ask for a lost Aadhaar card retrieval.