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Link Aadhaar number with axis bank account

Link Aadhaar number with axis bank account

DBT- direct bank transfer or direct benefits transfer, this service is started by government of India since they launched the aadhaar card. Dbt is nothing but the direct cash in to your bank account. This might be a subsidy or may be a scholarship, pension salary or may be a mnrega cash incentives.

Moving forward,Axis bank has an extensive network of more than 1947 branches, has a network of 11245 ATMs .Axis bank has the largest ATM network among private banks in India. Axis bank is one of the most growing bank in private sector. According to RBI guidelines ,to get the benefit of dbt one should link aadhaar number with axis bank account. so that the all subsidiesed money will be directly transferred in to bank account.

link aadhaar number with axis bank account

Here are the simple steps to link aadhaar number with axis bank account.

1)You should have enrolled for aadhaar card.if you have not enrolled yet you can enroll here.

2) if you already enrolled aadhaar card or your aadhaar card is still not yet received or pending then you can download the e-aadhaar card.

3) Go to nearest Axis bank with aadhaar card photocopy or xerox and also taking the original Aadhaar card.

4) fill up the Axis bank customers request form ,with proper aadhaar number.

5) you should fill the name ,address ,dob,axis bank account number.

note -axis account name should be same as that mention in the aadhaar card.

After filling the axis bank customers request form to link Aadhaar number with axis bank account, submitt it to concern authority. You details will update in 4 hours .

Link axis bank account with aadhaar card form 1

Link axis bank account with aadhaar number form 2





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3 thoughts on “Link Aadhaar number with axis bank account

  1. Tapan Patel says:

    on going for a information for linking axis bank account with adhar card the website of axis bank it self providing misleading information. The information provided on axis bank website about adhar card is that an individual need to produce a resident consent form which is already available in the form of link. Where as on a personal visit to branch the executive are asking to submit a service request form. I am not able to understand that after generating resident consent form what is the need of this service request form. At one place we are talking about paperless offices and single window solutions to every thing where as the reality is for a single simple financial transaction people have to travel twice to banks. In the various conferation of RBI all the leaders of banking industry are talking about financial inclusion where as the reality is an individual has to visit twice or trice to bank if it has to do any financial transaction and this is only the reality of banks.

    Suggestions:- Axis bank has to provide online facility to link adhar card on its current portal only.

  2. Najib moin shaikh says:

    Mera adhar no. Abdate nahi hua hai

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