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How to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar ?

     validate digital signature on e-aadhaar

Have you lost aadhaar card or you have misplaced the aadhaar card ? Or still you are waiting for aadhaar card ? Now you dont need to wait for original aadhaar card , Gov of India has started giving e-aadhaar letter to every one , in our previous post we mentioned how to download the e-aadhaar letter , for this you need the acknowledgement slip in which whole information needed to download the e-aadhaar is their. Here after downloading the e-aadhaar You have to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar , without validation you e-aadhaar will be invalid.

 How to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar ? Step by step procedures to validate is given -

First you should go eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in and fill all required details asked. Then ,if you see the Validity Unknown icon on your e-Aadhaar, you should follow below procedure to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar .

validate digital signature on e-aadhaar

1. Right click ( mouse) on the Validity Unknown logo and click on Validate Signature.

2. Now a new  window will open called Signature Validation Status, click on Signature Properties !

3. Click on Show Signer’s Certificate.

4. Check  that there is a certification path named. “NIC CA 2011″. This identifies NIC CA as the rights of the digital certificate that has been used when signing the document or have rights to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar.

5. Mark the certification path named NIC CA 2011, click the Trust tab and then Add to Trusted Certificate . Give the answer to any question as OK .

 6. Now a window will open called Acrobat Security click on OK.

7. Check (√) the field for Use this Certificate as a Trusted Root and click OK to close window.

8. Click Validate Signature to start the validation process.

validate digital signature on e-aadhaar

When you see a green sign that means validation process is over and  you successfuly validate digital signature on e-aadhaar.


  1. [...] Now a days many peoples are waiting for the aadhaar still they didnt recieved  the aadhaar card .For this goverment of india has started the aadhaar status online .you just need the enrolment number and date and timing of the enrolment .date and timing of enrolment slip is mention in the acknowledgement slip .we get total two .Acknowledgement slip  ,one we have to keep with at the enrolment slip ,other we have to keep it safe.this acknowledgement slip has many importance for further status .we can check aadhaar status online by link provided by the udai.gov.in .the site may be very slow as many people keep trying for this help us to know exact time to issue our own aadhaar card .if aadhaar is taking too much time for delivery then people may download eaadhaar.e-aadhaar is valid aadhaar .but for this you have to validate digital signature on e-aadhaar. [...]

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  3. swap says:

    my eaadhaar signature is wrong..how to correct eaadhaar digital signature ?

  4. Zubair says:

    Hello ,
    i do not get the certificate path named “NIC CA 2011″ , instead i get the name of the person who has signed it and in issuer it shows “NIC sub-CA for NIC 2011″ . is it the same as the one mentioned? and should we validate this certificate?

  5. Anklesh pandey says:

    Mera aadhar card net me nahi hai mai saari website dekh dala please mera aadhar card net me dhkhlaye thank you

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