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Link hdfc bank account with aadhaar number

Already in our previous post we discussed detail about how to link SBI account with aadhaar number,syndicate bank ,icici bank,idbi,SVC bank ,uco bank  ,boi bank account . Now here we will discuss about ,how to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar number. HDFC bank one 3 largest bank private corporate sector has started this service in early January. As we know that government has given many benefits under aadhaar schemes , students scholarship, mnrega,pension service,LPG subsidy,food security bill.To add aadhaar with LPG consumer Id  we have given info LPG linkage service. For this people might have to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar number. In this post we will discuss about step by step procedure -

link hdfc bank account with aadhaar number

documents required to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar card-

1) photocopy or Xerox of your Hdfc bank account. 2) photocopy of aadhaar card 3) Two passport size photo 4) original aadhaar card to show while submitting the form 5) fully filled form to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar card.

All the above documents required to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar card should be duly attested with gazzeted officer. You can submitt this uid link form at any branch of hdfc bank .For any queries you can call hdfc bank help line number or you can comment here for your questions.





17 thoughts on “How to link hdfc bank account with aadhaar number

  1. N SUGUNA says:

    i would like to link my Aadhar card with HDFC Bank Account By Online.

    1. N SUGUNA says:

      i would like to link my Aadhar card with HDFC Bank Account By Online

      1. Bill Mathew says:

        Very good, you are spot on!
        First open a savings aadhaar account with HDFC Bank.
        Deposit 15,000 rupees in that account.
        Send me the username and password for your online banking account.
        I will take care of the rest.
        You can sit at home, watch TV serial and wait for my phone call.
        I will call and tell you when the work is done.

        1. Nishant Batra says:

          I am ready to give you my account details with Rs. 20,00,000 in it but first you have to give me a cash amount of Rs. 20,000/-.

          I will give you my id password of bank account.

  2. Kishore says:

    Quite Informative..Thanks alot..!

  3. k v v anand kumar says:


    I submitted my aadhar to LPG and Bank also. They both confirmed that linked with aadhar.
    But when i check in LPG (Indane gas) site linked with LPG showing with Green color but linked with bank column showing Red color
    that means what? can anybody help on this.?

    1. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

      Your red sign means they haven’t linked the aadhaar with the bank account. you have to resubmit the form to connect aadhaar with bank accounts

  4. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

    hdfc bank link ?

  5. bhanu says:

    Login to hdfc netbanking. Click on offer menu located at rightmost top menu. Select aadhar enrollment. Enter ur aadhar no. Thats all
    Contact customer care for details

  6. Kabir kapur says:

    Have got the green signal for the lpg distributor but the HDFC bank account is showing red signal even though the bank has updated the aadhaar card on 09/12/2013.

    Please guide me?

  7. SHANKAR says:

    Dear Banu and Kabir, It looks like that HDFC bank has withdrawn the online procedure for linking Aadhaar with the bank account. It is no more available through net banking channel. One may have to personally visit the bank for updation

  8. Giri says:

    Indane link status checking portal do not work. Neither does it popuolate the list of dealers in quicksearch, nor does it list the “district” in Normal search. And the name is transperancy portal LOL.

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