How to Change Name In Aadhaar Card ? Change Aadhaar Card Name Online

How to Change Name In Aadhaar Card ? Change Aadhaar Card Name

Well according to data almost 59 % of citizen has enrolled for aadhaar card ,but many of us had made mistake in name then question arise How to Change Name In Aadhaar Card ? , Answere is here ,Goverment of india has made provision to change aadhaar card name online ,people make a mistake when they apply for aadhaar card online , unluckly it get printed on the aadhaar card , and it became the final ,which creates lots of problem in the future documentation , such while enrolling for the aadhaar lpg linkage , also while registration for the bank account .Name might be incorrect in the the previous documents such as driving license ,election card ,bank passbook ,electricity bill ,causing continuation of same name in the aadhaar card .Moving forward many of make mistake in surname ,some might do the spelling mistake or some change the whole surname .In india After marriage spouse use to change the middle name and surname in almost all documents , so for them this procedure is very well done, In this post we will discuss about how to change name in aadhaar card ,step  by step procedure for this.

There are total two procedure to change the aadhaar card name

  • You can change the name in aadhaar card by Online submission
  • Or you can also change name by post

Steps to Change Name In Aadhaar Card :

  1. Here are the easy steps to change the aadhaar card name, first of all you have to go to the aadhaar card details update online

    change aadhaar card name online

  2. You have to enter the aadhaar card number and captch in that , just click on the submitt button , after that you will recieve the OTP( one time password).
  3. After recieving the OTP on the number which you have registered , it is 6 digit otp number which is valid only for the 15 minutes , after 15 minutes the OTP will be expired and then you have to create again one more time.
  4. After submission of otp you have to click on the fileld you want update in aadhaar card , here you want to Change Name In Aadhaar Card.

    change aadhaar details online

    change aadhaar details online

  5. In next step you have to enter the CORRECT NAME IN AADHAAR CARD ,which you want to be printed .
  6. Be carefull that you should enter the aadhaar card name correctly,Verify the details you have filled are correct or not .

    change aadhaar card name

    change aadhaar card name

  7. change aadhaar card name

    change aadhaar card name

    Next step is the uploading step, here you have to upload the supporting documents for the change aadhaar card name.

List of documents supported for the Proof of identity :

list of documents valid for aadhaar card

list of documents valid for aadhaar card

you can also download list of documents valid for aadhaar card pdf

After completing all procedure , you have to wait for the aadhaar card name correction , you will get the aadhaar card update details online tracking number , by this tracking number you can track the aadhaar card  update , this procedure will take almost 10-15 days , to change name in aadhaar card is easy procedure ,we will discuss the frequently asked question while aadhaar card name changing.

Frequently asked question to change name in aadhaar card :

1) After marriage is it necessary to change aadhaar card name of spouse ?

Yes ,if it is necessary to get the benefits in the various scheme , the middle name of husband can be written in the aadhaar card , just you want to attach the photocopy of Marriage certificate ,or any documents which support the change in name of spouse after marriage.

2) How to change spouse middle name and surname after marriage ?

Same procedure is there to change the change the spouse middle name or surname here you have to produce the marriage certificate and name change certificate as supporting documents .

3) How to correct surname in Aadhaar card ?

To correct the surname we have to upload the above document which are mention in the list , if someone has changed the surname in previous document then he has to produce the name change stamp paper and authorised certificate of name change.


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