How to change Aadhaar card address? aadhar card address change online

How to change Aadhaar card address?

In the year 2010 central government of India has decided to make a unique identity card. Which can be used as an proof of identity, proof of address. Many of us has enrolled for this, but there are many mistakes in Aadhaar card, such as wrong address in Aadhaar card, mistake in name, photos may be bad, leading to many problems, wrong address might be prove as a improper information. So the question arise how to change Aadhaar card address online? For this government of India has provision to change the address.UIDAI has given us provision to correct or update aadhaar card details by two procedure

  • Update aadhaar card details online
  • Update aadhaar card details by post

Steps to change Aadhaar card address :

list of documents for proof of address (POA)


  1. Firstly go here
  2. Enter the aadhaar card number and get the one time password (otp).

    change aadhaar card address

    change aadhaar card address

  3. You will recieve otp on the mobile number you have registereds
  4. Next step is to choose the “update details”,means what you want to change in aadhaar card.just select the field you want to update aadhaarcard address correction
  5. Fill the field with the correct details ,After succcsefull changing the aahaar address then you will be ask to upload the documentscorrect aadhaar card address
  6. Verify the details you have filled are correct or not .
  7. you should have the any one documents listed in the POA .You can upload the self attested documents or original documentsaadhaar address correction
  8. after succesfull upload you will get the aadhaar update details tracking number ie Update Request Number(URN)
  9. .keep it as it will be helpful in further referance

Thats it ,for the change aadhaar card address will be changed in almost 8-10 working days


1)I shifted to another place, what is the procedure for changing address?

YES,you should have the any one documents of POA mention in the list ,

2)I don’t have permanent address, what to do?

dont worry for this ,Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead is acceptable as a Proof of Address

3)My address is incorrect in my Voter id also, is it compulsory to upload documents.

YES,it is compulsory to upload the documents ,other option you can send the documents by post also

4) I want to change my c/o address, is it compulsory to upload the documents

Yes, you are required to submit documents mention in PoA list, even if you want to update/correct only C/o details. You also have to fill the complete address when updating/correcting your C/o details or any other part of the address. The address in PoA must match the address in PoA document submitted.

5) I dont have any POA document document which has c/o address

DONT WORRY, upload any documents which has same address as that of mention in update request.



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