LPG direct cash transfer scheme likely from July 1

LPG direct cash transfer scheme likely to start from

July 1

direct cast transfer

direct cast transfer

The government is geartrain up for future massive leap below the Direct money Transfer (DCT) theme to bring a large range of nearly fourteen large integer LPG customers below its reach.

The scheme, that is probably going to be launched from July 1, is geared toward directly putt the grant part of the domestic cylinder into the checking account of the customers to eliminate the leakages within the system and address the matter of diversion of domestic cylinders for business market.

The theme are introduced round the middle of next month in twenty districts and later are extended to an even bigger chunk of customers and much cowl over fourteen large integer customers by the year finish.
“The banks and therefore the oil selling firms [OMCs] have already been measured out by the Finance Ministry and therefore the rock oil and fossil fuel Ministry to alter for rollout of the theme during a massive manner,” a senior rock oil Ministry official aforementioned.

The customers area unit possible to induce around Rs.4,000 every year from the govt, and that they can need to then get LPG at the value of Rs. 901.50 per 14.2-kg cylinder.

Currently, every shopper is entitled to nine cylinders of fourteen.2-kg every at the subsidized worth of Rs.410.50. the govt bears a grant Rs.435 per cylinder.

The Planning Commission is already geartrain up for conferences with seventy eight District Collectors to administer momentum to the theme.

The initiative comes once minister P. Chidambaram met the rock oil and fossil fuel Minister Veerappa Moily last week to debate the main points of the theme and its implementation.

Mr. Chidambaram additionally command a series of conferences with representatives of the banks United Nations agency assured him that they were prepared for the massive rollout from Gregorian calendar month.

Under the theme, subsidies and different advantages are transferred directly into the Aadhaar-linked checking account of beneficiary.

The Finance Ministry is of the read that keeping in mind the large range of customers below the LPG theme, the beneficiaries (consumers) would need to directly approach the banks for seeding of Aadhaar numbers to their bank accounts.

“It has been set that the beneficiaries would approach the banks with documents of their Aadhaar range. The banks would seed the Aadhaar into the beneficiaries’ checking account,’’ per a circular issued by the Finance Ministry to the banks and OMCs.

Seeding of Aadhaar range to the checking account is crucial for the govt to spot beneficiaries.

On the opposite hand, the OMCs are asked to supply knowledge and details of the customers to confirm that the advantages of the theme percolate to the beneficiaries. A series of conferences between the Finance and rock oil Ministries is planned for future two weeks to administer a final bit to the main points for the initial launch of the theme next month.

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