Deadline for linking aadhar with lpg consumer id


Well almost all the people had enroll for aadhaar card in the year 2013 ,where the aadhaar subsidy is being to be given . From the data we have received from the central government ,In the state of andrapradesh ,calculating the total five district enrollment of aadhaar card ,total 63% of people if andrapradesh had enrolled for aadhaar till the year of 2013 ,and among the 63  % of people only 40 % of people had link bank account with aadhaar card ( SBI ,hdfc ,icici,pnb,Boi) ,this is major difficulty to central government that how can they give LPG subsidy to the people or how can they give the scholarship ,pension ,incentives .

deadline for linking aadhar with lpg consumer id

According to gov they have given the warning about the deadline for linking aadhar with lpg consumer Id. But all the time people had ignore the service of subsidy . People had either not linked the aadhaar card with or neither people had given their details to the LPG gas companies . Government has arranged the special aadhaar booths and camps to get the maximum ,people should enroll for the aadhaar ,but this doesn’t happen ,In country highest enrolled aadhaar card is with Hyderabad and andrapradesh.In our previous topic we have gone through how to give aadhaar number LPG .

So finally the government of India decided to give last date is on 1september of 2013 as an ¬†deadline for linking aadhar with LPG consumer Id. 1september is an Sunday ,office concern with that will be open for linking aadhaar with LPG . People should take the benefits of this and should have gone through aadhaar seeding application ,to get subsidy .If people haven’t get their aadhaar card can download e-aadhaar card



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