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check Aadhaar card details update status online |check online aadhaar update status

check Aadhaar card details update status online

Albert Einstein rightly said in his famous quote “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”  Many of us have done mistakes or mispell while filling the aadhar card form or online aadhaar card registration ,and these mistake might cause you a big kind of trouble , aadhaar card is now prime document for us , no one means no should have misatkes in aadhaar card , but this is not real world , now we can update our aadhaar card details online , in our previous post we have discussed about the aadhaar card update ? how to update your details online , gov of india has also started the facility to check Aadhaar card details update status online , people can now check the details which you have made changed are working or not .

Many people fill the wrong age as they have diffrent age at leaving certificate and some have different in the school or driving licesense, for this we do the changes in the aadhaar card ,Some Fill in Date of Birth other than DDMMYYYY format, many of us has a query that can we change details in different times , answere is yes you can change the details the any time , but the condition is the same you have to provide the documents at respective authority. this provision to check aadhaar card  update details status online , is really time saving procedure ,

check aadhaar card  update details status

check aadhaar card update details status

How to check Aadhaar card update details status online ?

  1. You should have aadhaar card number { aadhaar number is 14 digit number which you get after enrollment }
  2. aslo you must have  Update Request Number (URN)

 What is URN number in aadhaar ?

Update Request Number (URN) you get this number when you update the details , this number is very for further referance and also to track aadhaar card  update details status.

You will get the exact details of status , after successfull updation , download the eaadhaar card ,and also validate the signature on the eaadhaar , we have already discussed about this.  check Aadhaar card details update status online here



  1. My enrolment no-1027/25206/07440 Date&time:10/10/2013&12:07:08 Plz immiadetaitely generatiom my aadhar card but my scholarship problem plz generation 24 hrs.thank you sir

  2. Nithyas says:

    I had to update my parents Aadhar card – while I was trying to update both their cards through the online portal, it would just not complete the transaction as there would always be an error message at the end when you press submit. Hence, we decided to send the Aadhar Change Update through Post, however, we got an sms mentioning aadhar update request has been received but we havent received the URN for the same.. Please assist in knowing how to get the URN No.

  3. Sridhar says:

    Hi All,

    Its nearly 4 months since I have updated Aadhar details online and still it shows as pending! :-(

    Can someone tell me how much time it takes for this?


  4. govind says:

    I had 3 time tried adhar card application but not generate my card every time says problem in envorlment ,whats?problem……plz.help me sir.

  5. RAMESH says:

    aashaarcard is waste for human we lose the security information also…this is waste work of govt they dont have work that time they have implemented i think next govt they will remove this

  6. Bhargava says:

    Hi this is Bhargava,

    Here am facing a problem. I was updated my eaadhar for residence changing. It was passed 3 months before am applied through online till now i.e 12-04.2014. Till now the status of the URN no. 00000013609105 pending for verification. How long it will take time and when will i expect my Eaadhar card.

    Please kindly respond back with particular reason for further updates….

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