Can we change photo in aadhaar card ? change aadhaar photo

Can we change photo in aadhaar card ?


According to new data which has revieled by uidai that almost 60 crore of people has enrolled for aadhaar card. Yes we are proud of the worlds highest authorized identity ¬†card, but this is not true to satisfy us ,because in many aadhaar card photo of aadhaar card is so bad that no one can identify the person ,People are query that “HOW TO CHANGE PHOTO in AADHAAR CARD ?”some might got the black photo or some may have blurr photo in aadhaar card ,due to this unclear photo at many places aadhaar card might get rejected or also at many goverment offices aadhaar get rejected ,even in eaadhaar card there will be a same condition ,

change photo in aadhaar card

change photo in aadhaar card

ALL of us know that how important is aadhaar card now a days.At every aspect of life we need this documents ,so can we change photo in aadhaar card ?In this post we tell you what things can we change or update in aadhaar card and what are the thing we cant change it .

Moving forward uidai has made the facility to change the

  1. NAME of aadhaar card
  2. gender in aadhaar card
  3. address in aadhaar card and mobile number in aadhaar card
  4. surname in aadhaar card 

We have already discussed about how to change the details of aadhaar card and uidai are under provision to change photo in aadhaar card at their permanent enrollment centers , but this service service is yet to implement,

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