BY 2014 AADHAAR will cross 600 million people-says UIDAI chairman

BY 2014 AADHAAR will cross  600 million people-says UIDAI chairman

Gov of india says that Nearly 1/2 India’s population would have the Aadhaar card by 2014 and every third person by the top of this year

The formidable project – that has issued distinctive identification numbers to quite 380 million individuals,which is giant than the population of many giant countries in only variety of some many years – would still take a couple of a lot of years before each Indian resident is issued with this distinctive number and also the card having the biometric info of the individual, says chairman

Delivering the Eighth Annual Richard H Sabot Lecture ‘Technology to Leapfrog Development: The Aadhaar Experience’ union by Center for international Development – a Washington- primarily based think-tank, Nilekani same UIDAI has leveraged the state of the art technology of this days to supply distinctive positive identification to each resident of the country.
“Today we’ve registered 380 million of the one.2 billion individuals. Our daily process is a couple of million individuals daily. Our goal is to achieve four hundred million this year and 600 million by 2014,” he said, adding there ar between twenty five,000 to 30,000 ingress centers within the country.

Noting that this distinctive positive identification is currently turning into “an internal passport and gateway” to varied services for Indians, chairman same by operating with numerous regulators they need ensured that this ID is ample to urge their services. It allows one to urge services fast and problem free, he said.

“People see this as a entrance to several services,” he said, adding over future few years he expects this to be used for various styles of services as well as the formidable direct money transfer theme of the Union government.

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