How to Apply for online Permanent driving licence? : Maharashtra

How to Apply for online Permanent driving licence?

Maharashtra state government minister honorable Shri sachin ahir has announced that every driving licence will be now by online procedure, by this process you won’t  have to stand in que for registration, from 1 September 2014 you can apply for online Permanent driving licence. Here you have to produce the xerox of certain documents for registration, After the successful registration of learner licence, within 1 months of period you have to renew the old licence, if you fail to renew the Learner licence then you have to again go for new registration of learner driving licence, here are the below steps for Permanent driving licence online registration.

How to Apply for online Permanent driving licence :

Documents Required

  • You have to fill the Form 4 for the registration of permanent driving licence
  • Learner’s licence should be attached with the form no 4
  • Three copies of recent passport photographs
  • Proof of age and address as per Rule 4 of Central Motor Vehicle rules ( aadhaar card, passport, election card, pan card)
  • Driving school’s certificate in Form 5 for all transport vehicles
  • Fee for the permanent driving licence is 50rs test fee, 40rs ordinary licence, 200rs for computerized licence chip.
  • All valid documents of the vehicle on which the test to be conducted

After successfully registering the permanent licence, you will receive the permanent licence by post, it is less time consuming for applying online Permanent driving licence. 

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