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What is Aadhar Urn Number

Aadhaar card has many mistakes in printing, for this UIDAI has made online portal to correct or update your aadhaar details, then many of us got questions in mind what is aadhar Urn Number?. We like you tell you that aadhaar online update portal made us possible to correct the mistake such as aadhaar name correction, aadhaar gender correction, address correction, you can also change the surname, middle name. They also made the facility to change spouse surname after marriage, this is already discussed in our old posts.



How to get aadhar Urn Number :

  • Firstly just collect the required documents of correction, such as name, age, gender, address.
  • Go to this link from your computer aadhaar online update portal.
  • After that you will see the two boxes, first box is for aadhaar number and second is phone number which you have registered.
  • You will get the otp after putting the required details, just enter the mobile number otp, note that otp is valid for only 15 min
  • After this, next step is the thing which you want to update, just click on the box, it might be name, age, sex, address.
  • After successfully uploading document you will get the aadhar Urn Number ( update request number).
  • Just save that number, it will be helpful in tracking the update status online.

There will be a unique  Urn Number  for aadhaar update, if  want to make two changes  in aadhaar, there will be two Urn Number.


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