Govt replans to recover lost UID data-MAHARASHTRA GOV


Confusion over loss of private information of Aadhaar candidates has forced the govt to revise its e-Aadhaar portal.

The state’s data technology department on Tuesday admitted that ‘some data’ (of around one 100000 applicants) had been lost as a result of coding failure and loss of laptops. This means, many candidates could ought to re-enroll for the distinctive positive identification (UID) .

An official from the IT department aforementioned the authorities was attempting to delineated the mess.

“The candidates WHO haven’t received their cards can ought to initial verify from the e-Aadhaar portal [] if their variety has been generated. If it’s prepared, the cardboard are often downloaded from anyplace. candidates can ought to apply once more given that their variety has not been generated,” he said.

Government officers, however, processed that candidates WHO haven’t received their cards should not re-apply right away.

“It takes nearly four months to get the Aadhaar card. we have a tendency to Janus-faced downside within the initial section [February 2012], whereby nearly five.1 100000 cards of the three.76 large integer didn’t get delivered. the amount is high within the second section moreover, however this does not mean individuals ought to re-apply for the UID,” aforementioned the official.

According to state authorities, the lost information cannot be victimized because it is extremely encrypted. Nearly ten cases of loss of laptops are registered in varied elements of the state.

“This [loss of knowledge and laptops] is going on across the country. the amount in geographical area isn’t as high as three 100000 because it being according. the information of the candidates with the coding failure are going to be re-attempted and reviewed,” aforementioned Rajesh Aggarwal, secretary, data technology department.