Aadhaar Permanent Enrollment Centres

AADHAAR Permanent Enrollment Centres

Aadhaar Kendras or aadhaar Permanent enrollment Centres will facilitate
the enrolment of residents left out during the camps organized by the Registrars in the past. They
would also serve as Update Centres – for resident who wish to update biometric or demographic
Aadhaar Kendras will be located in the Common Services Centres, government buildings in
block/mandal/tehsil/municipal ward office or in the official premises of the Registrar or such
premises as may be expressly approved by the Registrars. Residents can also seek information about
their Aadhaar generation status or get e-Aadhaar printed at these centres.
Registrars may choose to charge a convenience fee not exceeding Rs.10 for printing e-Aadhaar letter
and Rs.15 for update requests.
Aadhaar Enabled Service Delivery is currently or will soon be linked to various government schemes
such as MNREGA wage payments, PDS distribution, payment of social security benefits such as oldage
payments, distribution of LPG subsidy etc.
Currently over 400 million residents have enrolled for an Aadhaar number, while about 350 million
Aadhaar numbers have been issued.

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