Have you ever notice that what is importance of aadhaar card ? or what aadhaar card will be in the future prespective ? what is benifits of aadhaar card for NRI . Ans is ” Big NO “. But surely we are concern with what’s new in iphone latest version or modification in the samsung phones . Panic with this ? There is no need to worry or put your heart in the mouth, here we will discuss about all aspects of aadhaar card , benifits of aadhaar card for people residing out of india, Moving forward today aadhaar card is the basic need of every common man ,every and each schemes of indian goverment is through aadhaar card, step by step all queries and procedure is explained for how to get aadhaar card for foriegn people.

What is the importance of aadhaar card for non resident of india ?

In the context of aadhaar , goverment of india is planning to give passport to indians only when they have aadhaar card , the new passport issuing authority of india has rolled this process , As aadhaar is based on the thumb print and iris biometric scan , so it will be very easy to get identity of any citizen , Based on this united state of america are also in favour of aadhaar card to issue the visa.

Many schemes of india are for the people of india through the aadhaar so people residing outside india want to part of this ,Also goverment  jobs in india are given only when they have proper aadhaar card

aadhaar card for nri

aadhaar card for nri

Can NRI apply for aadhaar card ?

YES , NRI can apply for aadhaar card if he/ she is resident of india,  person should have valid proof of documents for residence in india , valid proof of identity

How NRI can apply for aadhaar card ? what is procedure for online application of aadhaar card  for nri ?

Well , for online application of aadhaar card ,we have already discuss, the main thing is that as normal indian citizen apply for aadhaar card same will be the process. NRI or citizen from outside india should take a appointment for aadhaar card , where the competant for issuing aadhaar card will take the fingure print scan and iris biometric scan .Documents required for aadhaar card registration is in previous post.you will get the enrollment slip , so keep it in safe place , because many a times aadhaar card acknowledgement slip is lost .

How many DAYS it takes to issue aadhaar card ? how we get aadhaar card ?

Depending on the work load maximum time for aadhaar card is 3 months , within 3 months aadhaar card will at your home , we get aadhaar card by speed post , you can track your aadhaar card application status also, and get up to date for this .

What should i do when i get aadhaar card ? IS there any need to link aadhaar card to bank account ?

when you get the aadhaar card , you should link aadhaar card with the bank account , also aadhaar card has two part , upper part and lower part , upper part is scissored from the given are , and lower part which can be carried is used as an proof of identity.

Benifits of aadhaar card forNRI  Student ? Aadhaar card for USA resident ? aadhaar card for student studying in usa ?

This is an important question , now in india aadhaar card is mandatory for students who wants the scholarship , aadhaar card should be linked with the bank account , bulk of Students go  in usa for studying , so for them lots of scholarsip are there .GRE ,TOFL, GATE , USMLE ,MS ,mba are students applicable for this

DO we need aadhaar card for CREDIT card ?

From next year aadhaar card is compulsory for credit card holder as aadhaar card is unique identity document so for this it serve as an biometric document.

From above conversation we kno that aadhaar card for nri is so much important ,one should get aadhaar card as early as possible and should get enrolled.

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