In this new era of technology , we are moving ahead for the better daily service day by day , making our comfort too easy . Martin luther said correctly that ” Only technology is thing which can make day to day life smooth”. LPG PORTABILITY  -the word itself self tells that , every person in india which has lpg connection can change their service provider in few days . Taking inspiration from mobile portability , today gov of india has decided to get this lpg portability service to the citizen of india , common man has nothing to do with cooking gas or rate of cooking gas but what they want is the service .Many of us has seen that people stand in que for 2hours – 3 hours , for getting the lpg cylinder , but have you ever noticed that this state of service is due to the bad management of lpg agency.

According to new government guiedlines that every person should link there bank account with aadhaar and link aadhaar with lpg consumer id . In india there are total 3-4 gas companies which provide us the lpg cylinder , Indane , bharat gas , hindusthan petroleum gas , which provide us the service , but thing is that not every companies company provide the same kind of service at each point , so creating havoc in the mind of people who want the service better.GOI are providing the new schemes and benifits under the aadhar card .

Today we will discuss in detail about  ” What is the procedure for lpg portability ” ?   How to change  lpg service provider?



    1. Firstly visits you current lpg company  provider  website, register in the given link  indane  , HP gas      bharat gas 
    2. Note that put proper email address while registering the lpg gas companies, after register on that site , see the available companies in your area
    3. Also see the rating of companies which you want for lpg portability.  (5 Star Excellent, 4 Star Good 3 star Average 2 Star below Average and 1 star Poor)
      1. Then select the distributor you want , you will recieve email , take out the print out of this email as it will be required for futher referance.
      2. No transfer money  or any  security deposit will be taken  for transfer of connection by  portability service.


    5.  Take this print out visit the new service provider outlet .If your company is different or not allied to previous company then you have to submitt the equipements to the old company, or if company is the allied company of old service provider then there is no need to give the equipements


But one thing will come in your mind that :

What is Intra Company lpg portability ?

ans – It is an allied company of an old service provider or the old company is the partener company of new lpg provider company .here you have to submitt only the email print out and give to new company provider


What is Inter Company lpg portability ?

ans – It is not an allied company of old service provider , that is new company which you want is totally different from the old companies, there no such connection in between them .Customer had to visit the old distributor and give cylinder and pressure regulator,all other equipment which was provided by the old company and  collect refund money and the documents .After submitting , move forward towards new service provider

What equipment we have to submitt while changing the lpg service provider ?

ans –  cylinder and pressure regulator,take  refund money and the documents from old service provider


Is there any charge or fees for lpg portability ?

There is no such charge for changing the new lpg companies .


lpg portability  INQURY  toll free number 18002333555


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  1. vinod says:

    I want to do LPG portability my number is 2463393

    1. arun pund says:

      please send me details about the gas portability service in my mail

    2. ANURAG KUMAR says:

      my lpg company is hp. iwant to change in indane please process new lpg portabilty

  2. yash sharma says:

    my LPG company is too far they are unable to deliver the cylinder can I change my service provider

  3. krishna says:

    my LPG company is indane I want to change to bharat gas .process for new LPG portability

    1. hemantkapadiya says:

      give ans

  4. kiran says:

    I want to do portability of LPG ? may I know the documents for LPG portability

  5. kiran says:

    where is center for LPG portability in Nagpur Maharashtra area

  6. pradeep mandal says:

    LPG portability in mumbai , aadhaar need in LPG portability please help

  7. rahul madavi says:

    my LPG company is from pune and now I am stayi ng in mumbai, how to change LPG gas company

  8. taran pandey says:

    my LPG agency is not giving good service .LPG portability is good for that

  9. jadav praveeen says:

    I want to change my LPG gas supplier , I am from Hyderabad ,my name is pravin ,how many days took for the change LPG agency

  10. sunil says:

    I am from Visakhapatnam, I want the new LPG agency ,what is LPG portability ?

  11. komal shahu says:

    What is lpg portability ?

  12. das kalpana says:

    Lpg portability fees and form for lpg portability ?

  13. kailash kumar says:

    Lpg portability center in mumbai

  14. pravin yadav says:

    My lpg agency is not giving good service can I change my lpg company

  15. malik says:

    Lpg portability ke liye paise lagte hai kya …

  16. hitesh jain says:

    My lpg consumer id is 45467436….I want to port my lpg company .how to port lpg company online

  17. meraadhaar says:

    Want to port my lpg gas agency online

  18. chetan kumar says:

    What is lpg portability procedure. I am from delhi but my lpg connection is from faridabad .how to cgange the lpg adress and also lpg agency

  19. sunil says:

    LPG gas portability procedure ?

  20. sunil says:

    how to change lpg distributor

    1. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

      If you want to change the LPG distributor or LPG agency

  21. sumit keshri says:

    How can I change my bharat gas lpg connection to indane lpg connection?

    1. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

      You have to submit your gas regulator and bharat gas cylinder to your old LPG distributor ..and follow the above procedure

  22. Sumit Keshri says:

    Is LPG portability process started at BIRBHUM(W.B)

    1. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

      Yes LPG connection portability started all over india today on 23/1/2014…

      You can change your indane, HP,bharat gas to any LPG company



    1. www.meraadhaarcard.com says:

      You have to submitted the all equipments to old LPG company. fill the request form and submitt it to old LPG company.

  24. hemantkapadiya says:

    company is indane I want to change to HP gas .process for new LPG portability

  25. sunil says:

    LPG portability banglore

  26. Vijay says:

    My LPG connection is from Indane but 15 Km away from from my Home area but HP is near to me near about 100mtr from my house So I want to use portability so pls tell the correct procedure for it plz……………………

  27. Ramesh says:

    Hi Sir.
    I am a Indane customer and now i am planning to port into HP, If i submit all equipment’s and If I filled the form, How long this will take to port? Bcoz I will be having no cylinder. Is it 2 to 3 hours time to port?

  28. Ramesh says:

    If i submit all equipment’s from my previous LPG provider and get the money back, How much i have to pay for another LPG provider like HP? is it the same how much i got it from my old provider or again it will be more…?

  29. Prasanta Sadhukhan says:

    I am applied online for change of dealer within the same company, but did not receive any email with attachment and both dealer not aware the process. Kindly help. Consumer No.608129(HP).

  30. Gautam j Modhera says:

    please send me detail gas portibility service is my mail

  31. dr b d toora says:

    i am indane gas consumer and staying in pondicherry can i use gas portibilty services in pondicherry if yes then what procedure i shoulshould follow for the same

    1. dhanshree muley says:

      just fill up the form to company which you want, fill the form and fees and return the ild regulator and cylinder .

  32. Gaurav says:

    I am a bharat gas consumer and want to change the gas agency in the same company but no option has been provided in the company website for the desired gas agency.I have only one option to choose from within the same company.Please can anyone reply to my query.

  33. ram kumar tiwari says:

    we want to portable from hp to bharatgas..plz recommend this mail how to change company

  34. Pankaj Vishwakarma says:

    My LPG connection is HP gas I want port in Bharat gas plz send me port rule

  35. gurcharan singh says:

    I want port gas connection

  36. hi, I am a Bharat Gas customer but now I shift to Matiala in Uttar nagar. now i am planning to port into Indane. Also tell me what it means by equipment’s submit. If I filled the form which is avaible on indiane website. How long this will take to port? I want to know the time and where are procedures i need to follow. Plz tell me. Its urgent.

  37. ganesh shinde says:

    I want to gas portability I have indane gas connection but they can’t supply home delivery so I want to change in bharat gas.

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