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Lost aadhaar card acknowledgement slip

people who have enrolled for Aadhaar may have lost aadhaar card acknowledgement slip ,somewhere. there is no need to panic , but the number of queries regarding getting or obtaining duplicate Aadhaar acknowledegement in place of the lost one really a big matter those who are yet to...
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Aadhaar Permanent Enrollment Centres

AADHAAR Permanent Enrollment Centres Aadhaar Kendras or aadhaar Permanent enrollment Centres will facilitate the enrolment of residents left out during the camps organized by the Registrars in the past. They would also serve as Update Centres – for resident who wish to update biometric or demographic data. Aadhaar...
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WHAT IS  DIRECT BENIFIT TRANSFER OF LPG SUBSIDY Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG consumer (DBTL) is the scheme aimed to improve the subsidy administration of LPG across the country. As per this scheme an LPG consumer will get his/her cylinder at full market price and the differential between...
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